NEWS! 05/15/2009

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And in his grace
(for Jeff Buckley)

And in his state of grace,
He soared like an eagle made of silk,
Laying bare all his emotions,
Like a raw wound,
Like barbed wire,
Caught unawares by the flowing river,
Just one piece of perfection to leave us,
Father and son brief starlight,
Breaking the night with glory,
We are touched by angels,
And in his Hallelujah,
We stumble and fall and climb
To a state of grace.

Anne Iredale


Anne Iredale, of Leeds, in the UK, is an exciting new poet, and TartanMoon is about to launch her debut collection. Bread and Circuses will shortly be available for download in E-book format in the bookshop.

Bread and Circuses contains over 150 poems, and each one is a gem.  From poignant tributes to Marc Bolan, Virginia Woolf, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, to touching reflections on birth, love, death and all the traumas and triumphs on that journey.

There are shades of Liverpudlian ‘beat poet’ Roger McGough in the wry humour, countered with unflinching comment on corrupt politics, Imperialism and racism.

A hugely satisfying read.