Ross Foad – bio

Ross was born in 1988 in Kingston, Surrey (South West London) and is primarily a humour script writer.

He started his writings at the tender age of just 13 when he and his best friend at secondary school, artist Christopher Stokoe, teamed up to create a humour comic strip about a daft school boy and the stresses and strains he puts on his mad teacher.  Entitled ‘SAM’, the comic quickly took off with Ross at the helm of the script writing and Chris behind the black and white visuals. It was picked up by Newsquest Media to run in regional newspaper The Surrey Comet from 2003-2007.  In 2005 it also appeared as a one-off Halloween feature length special in National newspaper The Sunday Times childrens supplement The Funday Times as well as a stint in 2008 in the Essex Fusion.

To date Ross has penned well over 400 scripts on the series alone.

Aside from doing his main creation and working on a few other web comics, Ross is a published health foods columnist, poet and has written the screenplay for a horror comedy movie currently in the works for a film festival release.

The Sam Anthology

The Sam Anthology is a compilation book of the humor newspaper comic strip "THE SAM" created by Ross Foad with Christopher Stokoe.

It focuses on the antics and musings of daft school boy Sam Samson and his over strained teacher Mr Rowan as well as the escapades he experiences outside school hours with his adoring younger brother Javon who will blindly believe and obey Sam’s every command.

It has managed to achieve approval and raised smiles in a wide age span in the market from teenagers to the 50+ year olds by its wide subject matter, sometimes subtly political, sometimes borderline paranormal, sometimes relying solely on Sam’s misunderstandings and carelessness but consistently funny.

The anthology also contains works from guest artists including Jeff Crump, Yen Ip and Chris Smith.