Tim Jago – ‘The always flying stories: foes and friends’

Tim’s graphic book is a stunning and inventive visual journey. Based on his spectacular murals, a series of graphic displays allows the viewer to experience his unique illustrations at first hand.

Surreal, provocative, sometimes comical, always captivating, his artwork forms a memorable publication.

Tim Jago - bio

Tim was born in Palo Alto, California in 1983. He lived in Northumberland throughout his early twenties. His work came from a source of musical gatherings around the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

He took the opportunity to complete a wall mural for the public house, The Egypt Cottage. On its completion in 2006 he began to record the musicians and folk in The Egypt Cottage with his pen and paper. This led to the first edition of The Always Flying Stories; featuring drawings of Maybe Myrtle Turtle as the Dessert Musicians; the dessert love hunter; pink rays filtering through clouds; and the Always Flying Showgirls.

Tim is an accomplished glass blower, sculptor and musician. Now he makes from his studio, the Old Banquet Hall, in Jesmond Dean.